Who are we?

Our Mission

As Bi-PA, we fill the gap between research institutes and commercial implementation of the end product. Our mission is to develop and register biological plant protection products which can be implemented in integrated pest management. By doing this, we provide a sustainable future for agriculture.

Our biological solutions can substitute or complement existing chemical treatment programs. This is needed since many chemical products are being withdrawn by the regulatory authorities.

To help us accomplishing these goals, we collaborate with multiple companies and research institutes. Our main collaborators are Certis Belchim, Helm AG, Unifert, AMVAC and Innovate AG. We can use the facilities of Certis Belchim in Londerzeel and Fronton to do our own research.


Johan De Saegher


Ann Vermaete

Registration & Development Manager

Stefan Frey

Sales & Marketing Manager

Jonas Goossens

Product Manager

Andrea Nesler

Senior Development Engineer

Lucas Morren

Development Engineer

Yannick Verleyen

Regulatory Engineer

Sofia Montanari

PhD Student

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