Are you a researcher pioneering new biological products,
but unfamiliar with the world of crop protection?

Bi-PA is the partner you are looking for. We are ready to invest in your research and transform it into a high performing plant protection product that meets the market requirements.

Thanks to our partnership with Belchim Crop Protection,
we know the farmers’ needs.

Thanks to our close interaction with Belchim Crop Protection, we know the market’s needs and we are able to detect gaps in actual product ranges.

Bi-PA participates in research and innovation

Bi-PA has a partnership with the Research and Innovation Centre of Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM), Trento, Italy. The department of sustainable agro-ecosystems and bio resources , led by Dr. Ilaria Pertot, has a long experience in developing biopesticides and alternative pest control methods. Dr. Pertot, vice president of IOBC-WPRS , is well recognized in Europe for her work in low impact techniques and products in plant protection.